Goalkeeper Foosball

Goalkeeper Foosball
Goalkeeper Foosball
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Goalkeeper Foosball ; Goalkeeper Foosball is an addicting and funny two player soccer game on BigHeadSoccer.net! Be foosball soccer champ among 16 countries! On the first page of the game, you must select what you like: against to computer or your friends (opponents). Then you must select the country you like to play; but at this point, pay attention soccer skills of teams on status players above the screen: speed and power kick! Trick: For the best scores you should country which has high-level soccer skills! If you want to play this great game with your friends, use -A, D- keys to left-right and -S- the key to shoot. Your friend moves with -J-L- keys and shoots with -K- key. Halfe finishes in 45 seconds, the game has two halves. Have fun for real-life team sport: football! Good Luck!

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