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Championship Premier 2014-15 ; Big Head Soccer Championship 2014-15 is a United Kingdom Premier League Football Championship game which was also known as Sports Heads Football Championship 2014-15. In this new version of the two-player Big Head Soccer game, you can select United Kingdom teams of 2012-13 or 2014-15 season, and you will play as or against to most popular soccer heads too! Have fun for real-life team sports: soccer!
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uye-img Writer : Brad0£ - Date of comment: 3 years before

I was Liverpool and was 1st

uye-img Writer : Aryan - Date of comment: 3 years before

beat 104 points that is how much I got

uye-img Writer : John - Date of comment: 3 years before

1st, undefeated, 368

uye-img Writer : anelgobbler - Date of comment: 3 years before

good game!

uye-img Writer : jr - Date of comment: 4 years before