Championship 2015-16

Championship 2015-16
Championship 2015-16
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4 / 5 stars , by 1090 reviews.
Championship 2015-16 ; is the newest big head soccer game. Play with premier league teams that participate 2015-2016 season. In Barclays Premier League we see strong teams (like Manchester City, Arsenal, Leicester) and high-level soccer players (like Billy Jones, Philippe Coutinho, Ross Barkley)in the current 2015-2016 season. Suprise managers and soccer star transfers lead to the most watched league all over the world. In this game, you can select any clubs or team from the initial game page that includes new soccer players and old players leaving a permanent mark on memories. In this game, you will score goals just as in previous versions to win the match. Your opponents have no additional power and talent in this season. You constantly struggle to win matches. But at the final match, perform your best to hold the head soccer 2016 championship cup.

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uye-img Writer : Anuraag - Date of comment: 6 years before

Wow I like this game.

uye-img Writer : keros - Date of comment: 6 years before

class game

uye-img Writer : Mason - Date of comment: 6 years before

awesome!! I won first place with 38 1 minute timed games.

uye-img Writer : Ridge - Date of comment: 6 years before

This game is pretty cool :)

uye-img Writer : Mitch - Date of comment: 6 years before

too glitchy very bad glitchy game