Big Head Soccer Championship

Big Head Soccer Championship
Big Head Soccer Championship
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4 / 5 stars , by 293 reviews.
Big Head Soccer Championship ; is a great game on You challenge one of Premier League soccer players for cup. In this game you establish your team by looking premier league table and statics.  To be the winner of tournament depends on your team and it's soccer player. So you choose correct player that can play as well as big players. For victory at the final match you have to win all opponents. Try all variations and advaced tecniques to beat your opponent. Don't give up competition untill the match final score seem at the scoreboard.

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uye-img Writer : messi - Date of comment: 6 years before

i like dong

uye-img Writer : Wayne Rooney - Date of comment: 6 years before

I love the representation of the lovely me in this game. It is so fun to play even if it is not exactly like real football. I like the Streaker, it looks like Super Mario. P.S. I had to use a calculator for the sum you have to do to submit a review. Trollolololol. All footballers are dumb, but none as dumb as me.

uye-img Writer : bob - Date of comment: 6 years before


uye-img Writer : bob - Date of comment: 7 years before


uye-img Writer : jordan housam - Date of comment: 7 years before

this gmae is so cool and you can play it in school